WinPower DX350 Mobile Diesel Trailer...


You don't always know what voltage you will need on the next job. The DX300 is a workhorse that will give you the power you need where you need it. The DX300 is the perfect generator for oil and gas exploration applications, rental yards or municipal emergency response. It features a switchable 3-position voltage selector switch with automatic safety shutdown and safety lock out. A prime power rated generator end will last in tough environments and help you get your work done safely and on time.


Price Includes Freight to a Business Address – The customer is responsible for unloading merchandise upon delivery.


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Communication Package

DSE890 Webnet Gateway – 3G GSM/Ethernet (compatible with DSE7310 controller) The Gateway connects to the DSE data server by integral Ethernet connection or GPRS (DSM or 3G mobile internet) and includes GPS (satellite location) functionality. This is most suited to remote and/or mobile locations.

Tool Box

CAM Lock Receptacles

CAM Lock Receptacles (per 400 Amp row).

Spare Tire & Mounts


Battery Group 4D 1200 CCA (This generator require 2 batteries)




Rating:  125/40° C (standby rating)

Type:  4 Pole - Revolving Field

Speed:  1800 RPM

Connection: 12 Lead

Insulation System:  Class H Insulation

Stator Windings: Double Layer Concentric

Pitch: 2/3

Harmonic Distortion:  <5%

Efficiency Peak: 93.5%

Coupling: Flexible Disc

Bearing (Maintenance Free): 1

Automatic Voltage Regulation: (MX 341 standard) PMG +/-1%


Make: FPT Iveco

Model: C13 TE3X

Type: Diesel

Gross Horsepower-Standby: 537 HP

Injection System: Direct E.U.I.

Speed Governor: Electronic

Cylinders: 6

Total Displacement: 13 L

Bore x Stroke: mm 125 x 160

Aspiration: Turbocharged / Aftercooled

Total Cooling Capacity: 17.7 gallons

Lube Oil Spec: API CF-CH4, ACEA E3-E5

Fuel Spec: EN 590

Exhaust Outlet Size @ Muffler: 5.0" in

Electrical System (Negative Ground): 24 VDC

Alternator: 90 Amps

Battery (Not Included): BCI Group 4D 1200 CCA (2 batteries required)

Emissions: Tier III

Fuel Capacity: 500 Gallon Single Wall

  • Fuel Consumption:
    • 100% Load - 20.2 Gal/Hr
    • 75% Load - 16.9 Gal/Hr
    • 50% Load - 11.5 Gal/Hr


  • Three Position Voltage Selector Switch:
    • 120/208V 3-Ph Low Wye: 1041 Amps
    • 120/240V 3-Ph Delta: 900 Amps
    • 277/480V 3-Ph High Wye: 451 Amps


  • Adjustable circuit breaker for high and low voltage overcurrent protection
  • Automatic shutdowns protect the terminal block connections from access during operation
  • Automatic shutdown if an operator attempts to change voltages while the generator is operating
  • Belts and pulleys are protected from unintentional access with guards
  • Sophisticated electronic controls monitor engine and generator parameters to detect problems to warn operators and/or shut down the system


  • Digital control/instrument panel resets safety parameters automatically for the selected voltage
  • Lead connections are easy to connect to terminal block
  • DC power disconnect switch preserves the battery when the generator is not in use
  • Front panel USB connection allows easy access for service
  • Front panel voltage adjustment rheostat
  • All engine and generator metering is digital
  • Compatible with 2 wire transfer switches and starting devices


  • 1200 Amp mainline circuit breaker
  • (2) NEMA 5-20 GFCI duplex receptacles
  • (2) 50 amp Twist-Lock (CS6369C) receptacles
  • Full power terminal block
  • Shore power allows the standard block heater and battery charger to be powered with a standard extension cord.


  • DOT approved diesel 600 gallon, single wall tank and trailer
  • 18,000 lbs GVWR with electric brakes.
  • Couplers are bolt on, allowing the operator to quickly change devices and adjust the coupler height to better accommodate a variety of tow vehicles
  • Front & rear stabilizing jacks are included standard
  • Tire size 225/75 15


  • Temperature > 104 F:   3% per 10°F
  • Altitude > 1000 ft:   3% per 1000 ft
  • Prime Power:   10%
  • Max Operating Temp: 50°C/122°F


  • Module with trailer: 244L x 85W x 128.5 - 10,900 Lbs.
  • Module without tank: 181L x 62W x 86.5H - 8,740 Lbs.


  • Generator: 1 Year or 1000 Hours
  • Engine: 1 Year Unlimited Hours

Additional information

Weight 10900 lbs
Dimensions 244 × 85 × 128.5 in

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