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The Electrical Advertiser has been connecting buyers and sellers in the electrical market since 1983. Through print and online services we have become a respected and dedicated media source. Our services include both online and written resources for finding electrical equipment and supplies.

The Electrical Advertiser magazine and web site provide a source of new, used and surplus electrical products from all over North America. Over 76,000 electricians, distributors, plant and maintenance personnel, and utilities rely on us to specify and purchase electrical equipment. We provide an economical way for sellers to market their products directly to buyers and a fast, effective way for buyers to find the products they need.

The Quick Reference Directory (QRD) is a pullout buyer’s guide mailed inside The Electrical Advertiser six times a year to over 180,000 electrical decision-makers. Through this categorized guide, complete with phone and fax numbers, buyers locate products and services provided by over 350 companies.

EA-Online is an interactive website designed for buyers and sellers of electrical products. Programs offered include:

PowerSearch allows viewers to locate a vendor’s company through a category search.

PowerQuote saves time and money by providing a means for buyers to compose an online Request For Quotation (RFQ) and send it to a single or entire block of vendors by e-mail. Vendors receive your PowerQuote within minutes and respond promptly with pricing and availability.

PowerSell allows contractors, industry professionals, dealers and distributors a cost effective method of selling products that can be listed in PowerSell for less than $10 per item.

For more information on any of these programs go to https://www.ElectricalAdvertiser.com