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When trying to resolve a problem with a Winco generator here are some trouble shooting measures to start with:

  1. Record the model and serial numbers—record the values and problem. Have the written notes with you when seeking additional information.
  2. Read the manual (all pages).
  3. Check the Winco site and review or download the product specs and performance. Fuel volume and voltage/amperages are also listed there.
  4. Contact your dealer—They probably have experienced your questions before and already have the remedy.
  5. After completing 1-4 above, if the dealer is unable to resolve, collect your notes and contact Winco technical support at:


Ford has its own industrial group and service centers. A service station directory is included with your generator literature pack.

Ford Engine Manual
Ford Service Center Locator
Ford Dealer Locator


GM engines are sourced through a variety of independent industrial distributors. Contact Winco at 800-733-2112 for referral to the appropriate dealer.

ASCO (Automatic Switch Company)

National Hurricane Center

National Weather Service

* Ford & GM engines are NOT supported by vehicle dealers.