The printing of our October 2020 issue marks the beginning of our 37th year in business. The Electrical Advertiser’s mission remains the same as it was in 1983; to provide a trustworthy, honest, reliable and economical service by connecting buyers and sellers in the electrical industry nationwide.
We believe a good reputation is essential for any business to be successful. In some respects a good-reputation is more valuable than anything. The Electrical Advertiser has developed ours to be honest, caring and contributing to the success of our advertisers. For that I would like to thank the staff, readers and advertisers.

With all of the wild fires and hurricanes we are seeing many that are going without electricity around the nation. Here is a article I found to help plan in advance to be without electricity...
If you live in an area experiencing gusty winds or other severe weather, or your power lines travel into that area, we may shut off your electricity to prevent wildfire. This is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).
We know losing power will be an unwelcome disruption to your life, family and work, so we’ve created preparation tips to keep things as normal as possible during a PSPS. We’ll also offer support like free Wi-Fi , device charging, bagged ice, ADA-accessible restrooms and hand-washing stations at Community Resource Centers in affected communities once the power has been turned off.

Make sure you’ll receive PSPS alerts
Account holders: Customers are automatically notified up to two days in advance of a PSPS. Please make sure the contact information for your account is up to date. Confirm your information online or call 1-866-743-6589.
Consider special medical needs
• Plan for medications that require refrigeration or devices that need power
• Keep medical devices fully charged
• Consider securing back-up power with a Winco Generator - www.wincogenerator.com
Keep your home office running
• Keep devices fully charged
• Download or print documents you may need
• Locate free Wi-Fi locations in adjacent areas
• Invest in portable mobile and laptop battery chargers
• Consider back-up power with a Winco Generator - www.wincogenerator.com

Gather key supplies
• Flashlights for the household
• Battery-powered or crank radio
• Extra batteries for items you rely on
• Landline as a backup if you lose mobile phone service
In addition, keep cash on hand and a full tank of gas. Local ATMs and gas stations may close during an outage.
Prepare in advance to store food safely
The day or night before an announced shutoff:
• Consider asking relatives or friends outside of shutoff area to store cold foods for you during outage
• Avoid buying food that needs to be frozen or refrigerated until power is restored
• Set your refrigerator and freezer to their coldest settings in the leadup to an outage, until power is restored
• Freeze large containers of water to keep foods cold in coolers during an outage
• Freeze items from your refrigerator for later use
• Consider back-up power with a Winco Generator - www.wincogenerator.com

Other actions to take before a PSPS
• Practice opening your garage door manually
• Ask your building management how elevators or electronic key-card access will be affected by an outage
• Put emergency numbers in a handy place
• Plan activities and games for your kids

Stay healthy / Stay safe
James Elliott
Electrical Advertiser