Winco PSS20B – Standby Generator


The biggest WINCO air-cooled emergency standby generator is the PSS20B2W. The powerful big block Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine is durable and powerful. With over 62.5 amps of output on LP  gas there is enough power that your family will barely notice the power is out. Since it is built by WINCO you know that is built to higher quality standards and that we load test each model before it leaves the factory to ensure it meets our high performance standards.


Price Includes Freight to a Business Address – The customer is responsible for unloading merchandise upon delivery.


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PSS20 Packaged Standby Systems

ASCO 185 Series Transfer Switch


Asco 185 Series 100 Amp ATS

ASCO 185 Series, 100 Amp, 2-Wire Start, Automatic Transfer Switch

Transfer Switch Enclosure

NEMA 1 Enclosure is Standard – NEMA 3R provides additional weather protection for outdoor use.

Vapor Fuel Filter

Engine Oil Heater

Battery Heater


Group 26 500 CCA

Maintenance Kit 16200-009

Maintenance Kit Includes: Air Filter, Spark Plug, Oil & Oil Filter. 6 Lbs




Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine - Premium grade Vanguard engines are application engineered to power equipment that works for a living.

Sure Flow Cooling System - The three cooling intakes provide exceptional air flow and reduced heat soak.

DSE 3110 Digital Controller - Provides detailed operating and diagnostic information through its digital display.

Premium Square D Circuit Breakers - Providing clear and instant identification of a tripped circuit with a Visi-Trip indicator.

100% Load Tested - No statistical sampling here.  Winco load tests every generator before it leaves their facility.

Galvanealed Steel Weather Enclosure - Industrial galvanealed steel housing with powder-coat paint to withstand the elements.

Generator Specifications

Voltage Regulation: +/- 5%

Total Harmonic Distortion: <5%

Temperature Rise: 125/40° C

Phase: Single

Type: 2 Pole Rotating Field

Brushless: Yes

Generator Speed: 3600 RPM

Voltage Control: Capacitor

Windings: 100% Copper

Load Acceptance: 100% Rating/Single Step

Sealed Ball Bearings: 1

Wave Distortion: <1.5%

Telephone Interference: <2%

Insulation: Class H

Generator Warranty: 1 Year/1000 Hours

Engine Specifications

Brand: Briggs & Stratton

Model: Vanguard

Speed: 3600 RPM

Displacement: 993 CC/OHV

Cylinders: V-Twin

Lubrication: Forced W/Spin-on Filter

Ignition: Electric

Governor: Mechanical

Regulation: +/- 1.8 HZ Steady State

Exhaust: Critical Grade, Glass-Pack

Low Oil Protection: Standard

High Oil Temp Protection: Standard

Recommended Oil: 10W-30

Oil Capacity: 2.5 Quarts

CARB/EPA Approved: Yes

CSA Approved: Yes

UL2200 Listed: Yes

Engine Warranty: 2 Years

Fuel Specifications

Fuel Consumption:

  • LP - 3.61 Gal/Hr - 329,000 BTU/Hr
  • Natural Gas - 328 ft³/Hr - 328,000 BTU/Hr

Fuel Tank Sizing:

  • 60° F  (16° C) - 150 Gallon
  • 32° F  (0° C) - 250 Gallon
  • 0° F  (-18° C) - 500 Gallon
  • -20° F  (-29° C) - 1000 Gallon

Line Sizing:

  • Up to 25' - 3/4" Pipe
  • 25'-100' - 1" Pipe
  • Over 100' - Use A 2 Regulator System

Inlet Pressure:  4-6 Oz/7"-11" Water Column

Sound Specifications

Note: All measurements are in db(a) and tested at 7 meters (23 feet).

No Load:

  • Left - 63.8
  • Right - 68.3
  • Front - 65.8
  • Back - 62.3

Full Load:

  • Left - 75.8
  • Right - 77.3
  • Front - 77.9
  • Back - 74.1

Power Specifications

LP Gas:

  • Output - 120/240V 1-PH
  • Watts - 17,000
  • KVA - 17
  • Amps - 71 (Unity (1.0) Power Factor
  • Circuit Breaker - 80 Amps

Natural Gas:

  • Output - 120/240V 1-PH
  • Watts - 15,000
  • KVA - 15
  • Amps - 62 (Unity (1.0) Power Factor
  • Circuit Breaker - 80 Amps

Optional Accessories

Asco 185 Series Auto Transfer Switch - 100 Amp - The ASCO 185 Series automatic transfer switch (ATS) are 2-wire control switches that are compatible with all 2-wire start systems from all manufacturers. The switch monitors incoming utility power. When the utility power fails it starts the generator and transfer the emergency load onto the generator. After the utility power is restored it will transfer the load back to the utility source, cool down the generator and then return to a standby mode. The ATS has an exercise circuit that tests the generator system every week. The automatic test feature can be set under load or under no load.

Note: More transfer switches can be found by searching "Transfer Switches"

Engine Oil Heater -  order to ensure quick starting in the coldest environments WINCO has designed an engine heater kit that is field installed to keep your engine block warm. The kit includes a thermostat that engages the heater at 50 degrees F (internal cabinet temperature) and shuts off at 60 degrees F. The heating probe is produced by Kim Hot Start and is inserted into the oil pan replacing the second drain plug. The kit is powered from the factory installed duplex receptacle. To allow for the battery heater an additional NEMA 5-15 receptacle is included in the kit.

Vapor Fuel Filter -  If contaminants enter the fuel system of generator you will experience reduced power output and decreased reliability.  This device provides a layer of protection to prevent contamination that can enter your fuel system from a variety of sources.  5 Lbs.

Battery - Group 26 550 CCA

Battery Heater - Keeps battery warm for maximum power output at start-up. 5 Lbs.

Two Wire Start Kit - Every automatic standby generator requires safety controls to prevent damage to the equipment. A crank limiter prevents the generator from damaging the start mechanism if the engine won't start. Safety shutdowns like over speed and under speed also detect a problem and shut down the generator to prevent damage. The engine control also opens and closes the fuel solenoid to control fuel flow.

Maintenance Kit - Your generator requires regular maintenance. Our kits provide all of the necessary products to ensure your generator is ready when you need it most.

Additional information

Weight 512 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 38 × 43 in

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