Don’t get caught in the dark!

WE CAME ACROSS THIS ARTICLE, and thought of our customers. We have the generator for your emergency power needs!

The birds knew it was coming. There was a lot of activity at the feeder prior to the arrival of a Nor’easter that predicted to grow into a ‘bomb cyclone‘. I always get nervous when I see frenetic bird activity prior to a storm, wondering if I am ready for what is coming.

The predictions were dire, high winds with a lot of snow. In reality we didn’t get the predicted foot of snow, only about four inches. However it was very heavy and clung to all the trees and shrubs weighing them down almost to the ground. The driving conditions were horrible as my niece discovered when she slid off the road and totaled her car. She got bruised a bit but seemed in good spirits when I spoke to her.

Shortly after speaking with my Niece I decided to write a post about the storm. Just as I sat at the computer the power went out. I wasn’t surprised but annoyed that I hadn’t purchased enough gas for the generator.  Naturally it was just getting dark which complicated everything as I searched for flashlights and a Coleman lantern.

The generator ran  until 9 PM and I went to bed figuring that the food in the refrigerator would be okay until morning. At 4 AM I restarted the generator with the remaining fuel which provided me the electricity to make a cup of coffee.

I used the Snow Blower to clear the driveway. The snow was a dense as cement and I had wrestle the machine to get through it. It was a beautiful sunrise with all the snow covered trees. By 10 AM power was restored and I got a chance to walk about. My friends told me that they couldn’t get by a tree in the road.  I wondered why they didn’t just cut it up with a chainsaw. I got my answer when I saw where it was.

They never lost power, but had to explain to the utility company that they needed to come. Another Nor’easter is predicted for this weekend. This might be a very interesting Winter. I plan to have plenty of gas.