Winco HPS12000HE Tri-Fuel Portable Generator


Don’t rely on a modified generator to have the flexibility of switching between gasoline, natural gas, and LP gas. WINCO has been offering our Tri-Fuel generators since 1984. With a powerful Honda OHV engine this generator produces 12,000 watts of surge (10,800 watts continuous) power so you will be able to easily run essential items like pumps, sump pumps, furnaces, TV’s, and air conditioning units. This unit comes standard with the 4 wheel dolly kit.


Price Includes Freight to a Business Address – The customer is responsible for unloading merchandise upon delivery.


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4 Wheel Dolly Kit

Winco Manual Transfer Switch 60 Amp


Generator Cover

Canvas Generator Cover

Line Voltage Monitor

Line Voltage Monitor

60/60 Amp Emergency Transfer Service Kit

60/60 Amp Emergency Manual Transfer Service Kit

60 Amp Plug

60 Amp Straight Blade Plug

Fuel Solenoid Kit

Low Pressure Fuel Solenoid Kit


Battery – 12 Volt U1 300 CCA – 17 Lbs.

Battery Trickle Charger

Battery Trickle Charger

Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit – 16200-005 (Includes air filter, spark plug, oil, Sta-Bil Fuel stabilizer & oil filter).

Package Deal

Package Deal – Includes: Generator, gen cover, dolly kit, low pressure fuel solenoid, manual transfer switch & battery charger. You save $148!




  • Honda GX630 Engine - You expect the best, you get the best.  The Honda GX630 engine has more power, lower fuel consumption, and lower emissions than previous versions.
  • Tri-Fuel - Designed to easily run and transition between three fuels; natural gas, LP Gas and gasoline.
  • Low Oil Protection - In the event there is a low oil level, the engine will shut down to protect the engine from damage.
  • Sturdy Wrap-Around Welded Tubular Cradle - Winco uses 1"-14 gauge steel for dependable durability.
  • 12 Gallon Fuel Tank - The EPA-approval steel fuel tank design eliminates hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Premium Square D Circuit Breakers - Square D is the industry leader in circuit breaker protection.
  • 100% Load Tested - Every generator is fully tested prior to leaving Winco's facility.


  • Surge Watts: 12,000 (Based on gasoline fuel.  Derate 10% for LP & 20% for Natural Gas.)
  • Continuous Watts: 10,800 (Based on gasoline fuel.  Derate 10% for LP & 20% for Natural Gas.)
  • Continuous Amps: 90/45 (Based on gasoline fuel.  Derate 10% for LP & 20% for Natural Gas.)
  • Output: 120/240 Volt
  • Voltage Regulation: capacitor +/- 5%
  • Frequency Regulation: +/-3%
  • Main Circuit Breaker: 45 Amp
  • Bonded Neutral: Yes
  • 120 Volt Receptacles: (2) NEMA 5-20 20A Duplex
  • 120/240 Volt Receptacles: (1) NEMA L14-30 30A; (1) NEMA 14-60 60A
  • Lifting Eye: No
  • 4-Wheel Dolly Kit: Standard
  • Protective Roll Frame: 14 Gauge Steel
  • Generator Warranty: 2 Years Residential (For complete generator warranty information, refer to the HPS12000HE manual.)


  • Engine Brand: Honda
  • Engine Model: GX630
  • Engine Starter: Electric
  • Engine Speed: 3600 RPM
  • Engine Cylinders: V-Twin
  • Displacement/Type: 688 CC / OHV
  • Low Oil Protection: Standard
  • Oil Type: 10W-30
  • Oil Capacity: 1.7 Quarts
  • dBA at 7 Meters: 78
  • Motor Starting: 5 HP (Code G capacitor start motor)
  • Battery Size: BCI U1 300 CCA
  • EPA Approved: Yes
  • CARB Approved: No
  • CSA Approved: No
  • UL Listed: NO
  • Engine Warranty: 3 Years Residential (Contact your local Honda service center for engine warranty assistance.)


  • Fuel Tank: 15 Gallons
  • Fuel Gauge: On Tank
  • Fuel Use:
    • Gasoline - 1.67 Gallon Per Hour
    • LP Gas - 2.2 Gallon Per Hour / 201,304 BTU Per Hour
    • Natural Gas - 200 Cubic Ft Per Hour - 204,000 BTU Per Hour


  • Dimensions:  44.7" L x 36" W x 33" H
  • Net Weight: 425 Lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 50" L x 40" W x 36" H
  • Shipping Weight: 460 Lbs


  • 4 Wheel Dolly Kit - Comes standard with the generator.  Gives your generator excellent mobility on the ground. The 10" flat free tires get you through mud, snow, sand and soggy lawns. The solid steel axle runs the entire width of the generator providing superior strength. All components are protected from corrosion with our durable baked on powder coat paint system. 57 Lbs.
  • Canvas Generator Cover - Storage can be hard on your generator. Moisture and dirt can damage the engine and generator windings over time. Often during transport and storage the generator is damaged by scrapes and dents. Winco's heavy tailored canvas cover will protect your generator from these hazards protecting your investment. A built in band keeps the cover in place. This cover is for generators with 2-wheel dolly kits installed.  5 Lbs.
  • Line Voltage Monitor - This compact voltmeter can be plugged in to the 120-volt (NEMA 5-20) receptacle on any WINCO generator to assure you that your generator is functioning properly.  1 Lb.
  • Emergency Transfer Service Kit 60/60 Amp - The ET/S System allows your portable generator to be quickly and safely connected to a building electrical panel for backup service during a power outage. A hinged lockable enclosure contains a 12-foot cord with a NEMA 14-60 plug and stores the cord set when not in use. A quality Square D circuit breaker load center with interlocked generator and utility main breakers to prevent feedback to the utility, installs next to the building electrical service panel. Four 120-volt (or 8 tandem) or two 240-volt branch circuits or a combination of the two can be connected for emergency service. This manual transfer switch is not UL listed.  48 Lbs.
  • 60 Amp Plug - (NEMA L14-60) The 60 amp straight blade plug is perfecting for running power into a transfer switch or other distribution box. The cord is sourced locally and specifications should be determined by a competent electrician taking distance, load, and other environmental factors into account.  1 Lb.
  • Low Pressure Fuel Solenoid - The solenoid kit is designed for tri-fuel generators that will be left unattended while connected to the fuel supply. The normally closed ASCO valve interrupts the fuel supply whenever the generator is not running preventing fuel leaks.  4 Lbs.
  • Battery - 12 Volt U1 300 CCA - 17 Lbs.
  • Battery Trickle Charger - This battery charger is designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. Included is a quick connect ring terminal harness for hard to reach areas and alligator clips for an alternate connection.  2 Lbs.
  • Maintenance Kit - 16200-005 - Your generator requires regular maintenance. Our kits provide all of the necessary products to ensure your generator is ready when you need it most.  (Includes: air filter, spark plug, oil, & Sta-Bil Fuel stabilizer & oil filter). 6.5 Lbs.
  • Package Deal - Includes: Generator, gen cover, dolly kit, low pressure fuel solenoid, manual transfer switch & battery charger.  You save $148!

Additional information

Weight 460 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 36 in

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