Winco DR65F4 – Standby Generator


There are lots of options in the diesel standby world. In our view, the FPT (Case/New Holland) engines are as good as any of them. Then we couple it to a Stamford generator end to have a unit that is as good as the best on the market. We offer no proprietary gadgets that make servicing difficult and we utilize a massive service networks to get you back up and operating in case of a failure.

Housing *


Digital Controller *

DSE7310 MKII – A powerful, new generation auto start genset control module with a highly sophisticated level of new features and functions, presented in the usual DSE user-friendly format.

DSE890 Communications Package

DSE890 WebNet Gateway – Control your generator from your smart phone or computer.

Voltage *


Generator End *

Generator End

Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)

PMG – Enhances the generators performance by providing a constant voltage input to the AVR.

Generator Strip Heater

Generator Strip Heater – Adjustable thermostat. Reduces condensation. Available for liquid-cooled and DR models. Factory installed.

Circuit Breaker *

Circuit Breaker

Fuel Tank

Double wall tanks with 110% secondary containment.

NFPA 110

NFPA 110

Remote Display

Remote Display

Remote E-Stop

Remote E-Stop



Battery Heater

Battery Heater

Battery Charger

Battery Charger

Maintenance Kit

Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, fuel filter element, and mechanics cloth



Generator Features

  • FTP N45 SM2 Engine - FPT Industrial (a division of Case/New Holland Industrial) is a leading manufacturer of engines for industrial applications backed by an extensive service network.
  • Deep Sea 7310 MKII Controller - Our ditigal controller is powerful and dynamic with a user-friendly interface.
  • Stamford Generator End - Industrial grade generator ends predominantly used for standby applications.  These alternators are very versatile for  more demanding and challenging applications.
  • Battery Charger - Factory installed 3 stage, 5 Amp battery charger.
  • Block Heater - In-Line 120V, block heater with thermostat.
  • Powder Coat Paint - Provides a durable, long lasting finish.
  • UL2200 Listed - A safety standard for the design, construction, and performance of stationary generators.
  • 100% Load Tested - You won't find statistical sampling here.  Winco load tests every generator before it leaves the factory.


Standby Watts - 120/240 1PH            62,000
Standby Watts - 120/208 3PH            62,000
Standby Watts - 120/240 3PH            62,000
Standby Watts - 277/480 3PH            62,000
Standby Watts - 346/600 3PH            62,000
Standby Amps - 120/240 1PH              258
Standby Amps - 120/208 3PH             225
Standby Amps - 120/240 3PH             175
Standby Amps - 277/480 3PH             100
Standby Amps - 346/600 3PH             82
Voltage Regulation                                 AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
Voltage Output                                        120/208V 3PH
Voltage Output                                        120/240V 1PH
Voltage Output                                        120/240V 3PH
Voltage Output                                        277/480V 3PH
Voltage Output                                        346/600 3PH
Engine Brand                                           FTP (Case Industrial)
Fuel                                                            Diesel
Emissions                                                 EPA Standby
Dimensions                                              Open Skid:  84" x 41" x 43"
Dimensions                                              Enclosed: 103" x 41" x 64"
Weight                                                       3,425 lbs
Unit Warranty                                          1 Years/1000 Hours
Assembled In                                           USA


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Weight 3225 lbs

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