Winco WL12000HE-03/D Portable Generator


The WL12000HE is the workhorse of WINCO’s Big Dog portable generator series. The WL12000HE will save you time and money giving your company a competitive advantage over crews using other portable generators. The 15 gallon fuel tank provides 9 hours of run time at full load so you won’t have to take unscheduled breaks to refuel. The WL12000HE is the preferred portable generator in the flat top roofing industry. It is durable enough to handle the hours while providing clean power for sensitive equipment.
This model comes with the NEMA 14-60R 60A 120/240 Volt Receptacle.  The WL12000HE Comes standard with the CS6365 50A T-L 120/240 Volt Receptacle.

Choose the one that best fits your application!

Dolly Kit

The WINCO Industrial Series, 4-wheel dolly kit will give your generator excellent mobility on the ground. With the 10″ flat free tires you can get through mud, snow, sand and soggy lawns. The solid steel axle runs the entire width of the generator therefore it provides superior strength. Our durable baked on powder coat paint system protects the parts from corrosion.

Generator Cover

Storage can be hard on your generator. Moisture and dirt can damage the engine and generator windings over time. Often during transport and storage the generator is damaged by scrapes and dents. WINCO’s heavy tailored canvas cover will protect your generator from these hazards protecting your investment. A built in band keeps the cover in place.

Plug-In Line Voltage Monitor

Plug-in Line Voltage Monitor is a compact voltmeter that can be plugged into the 120-volt receptacle on any WINCO generator to assure you that your generator is functioning properly.


These plugs are perfecting for running power into a transfer switch or other distribution box. The cord is sourced locally and specifications should be determined by a competent electrician taking distance, load, and other environmental factors into account.

Battery Trickle Charger

Battery Trickle Charger to ensure the battery is fully charged when you need it most.

Maintenance Kit

Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, 5W-30 oil, Sta-bil, and mechanics cloth


12V U1 300 CCA Battery

Residential Delivery Fees

Delivery Fees to Continental US




  • Honda GX630 Engine - You expect the best, you get the best.  The Honda GX630 is better than ever.  Including improved adaptability, quieter operation, and greater fuel efficiency.
  • YourGen Meter - LED meter displaying house, RPMs, voltage, and frequency readings.  Verifies the load balance with a load bar display.  Warnings when a parameter is outside of normal range and when an oil change is needed.
  • Low Oil Protection - In the event there is a low oil level, the engine will shut down to protect the engine from damage.
  • Powder Coat Paint - For an incredibly durable finish.
  • Sturdy Wrap-Around Cradle - 14 gauge, welded, tubular steel provides industrial strength support.
  • 15 Gallon Fuel Tank - EPA approved steel fuel tank designed to eliminate hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Premium Breakers -   Provides a clear and instant indication of a tripped circuit.
  • 100% Load Tested - You won’t find statistical sampling here. Every generator is fully tested prior to leaving Winco's facility.


Starting Watts                                          12,000
Running Watts                                         10,800
Running Amps                                         90/45
Voltage Output                                         120/240 Volt Single Phase
Voltage Regulation                                  Capacitor
120 Volt Receptacles                              (3) NEMA 5-20R (GFCI) Duplex
120/240 Volt Receptacle                       (1) C6365 50A
240 Volt Receptacle                                (1) L6-30R 30 Amp (GFCI)
Engine Brand                                           Honda
Fuel                                                            Gasoline
Emissions                                                 EPA Prime
Dimensions                                              40" x 27.2" x 26.2"
Weight                                                      382 lbs
Unit Warranty                                         3 Years Commercial
Assembled In                                           USA


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Additional information

Weight 412 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 27 × 31 in

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