Winco DR300 – Diesel Generator


Winpower combines a Stamford 4 pole generator with standard PMG with a 456HP FPT engine with surprising fuel economy to create a 300kW genset that means business. Compare this unit side by side with the competition and be impressed with our overall value.

Price Includes Freight to a Business Address – The customer is responsible for unloading merchandise upon delivery.

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DR300 Diesel

ASCO 300 Series Auto Transfer Switch

Voltage *

Asco 300 Series ATS

ASCO 300 Series Automatic Transfer Switch

Transfer Switch Enclosure

NEMA 1 Enclosure is Standard – NEMA 3R provides additional weather protection for outdoor use.

Generator Housing

Sound attenuated, weatherproof enclosure.


Group 4D 1200 CCA

Permanent Magnet Generator

Generator Strip Heaters

Fuel Tank


Triple Axle w/500 gallon double wall steel fuel tank

NFPA 110 Level 1 Compliance Upgrade

DSE 7310 MKII Controller Options




FPT C10 TE1D Engine - FPT Industrial (a division of Case/New Holland Industrial) is a leading manufacturer of engines for industrial applications backed by an extensive service network.

Deep Sea 7310 MKII Controller - Digital controller providing immediate performance information and safety shutdowns.

Stamford Generator End - Alternators built to produce clean power for industrial applications.

Powder Coat Paint - Incredibly durable and long lasting finish.

Block Heater - In-line Kim Hotstart, 120V, block heater with thermostat.

Battery Charger - Guest 2 Amp charger comes standard.

UL2200 Listed - A safety standard for the design, construction, and performance of stationary generators.

100% Load Tested - No statistical sampling here.  Winco load tests every generator before it leaves their facility.

Generator Set Specifications


Diesel:  Output - 120/208V 3-PH

  • Watts - 300,000
  • KVA - 375
  • Amps - 1,041
  • Circuit Breaker - 1000 Amps

Diesel:  Output - 120/240V 3-PH

  • Watts - 300,000
  • KVA - 375
  • Amps - 902
  • Circuit Breaker - 900 Amps

Diesel:  Output - 277/480V 3-PH

  • Watts - 300,000
  • KVA - 375
  • Amps - 451
  • Circuit Breaker - 450 Amps


Rating: 125/40° C Standby

Voltage Regulation: +/- 1.5%

Total Harmonic Distortion: <5%

Type: 4 Pole Revolving Field

Brushless: Yes

Generator Speed: 1800 RPM

Voltage Control: MX341 PMG Excitation

Rotor: 2/3 Pitch

Windings: 100% Copper

Telephone Interference: <2.0%

Efficiency Peak: ~93.5%

Coupling: Flexible Disc

Single Phase: 4 Leads

3 Phase: 12 Leads

Bearings: 1 Maintenance Free

Insulation: Class H

Generator Warranty: 1 Year/1000 Hours


Brand: FPT

Model: C10 TE1D

Speed: 1800 RPM


Type: Diesel

Gross HP (Standby): 456

Bore X Stroke: 4.52" x 5.51"

Governor: Electronic

Cylinders: 6

Total Displacement: 10.3L

Aspiration: Turbo Charged / After Cooled

Exhaust Outlet: 5"

Alternator: 90 Amps

Oil & Filter Replacement: 600 Hours

Recommended Oil: 10W 30

Oil Capacity: 37 Quarts

Flywheel (Teeth 125): 14"

Discharge Current: 1200A

Cold Starting:

  • W/O Preheating -  5°F (-15° C)
  • W/Preheating -  -13°F (-25° C)

Engine Warranty: 5 Years / 2000 Hours

Fuel Consumption

  • 100% Load - 16.98 Gallons per Hour
  • 50% Load - 10.25 Gallons per Hour

Derating Factors

Temperature > 104° F:  3% per 10° F

Altitude: 3% every 300M after 1,000M

Prime Power: 20%

Max Operating Temp: 122° F / 50° C

Block Heater

Volts: 120

Watts: 1,000


  • On - 80° F
  • Off - 100° F

Tank Options

560 Gallon UL142: 144 x 59.2" x 24"

690 Gallon UL142: 144" x 59.2" x 29"

845 Gallon UL142: 144" x 59.2" x 35"


DC System Voltage: 24V

Battery Charger: 10 Amp

Battery Rack/Cable: Included

Required Battery: (2) Group 4D 1200 CCA

Optional Trailer W/500 Gal Fuel Tank

Weight: 3,200 Lbs

Axles: Triple

GVWR: 18,000 Lbs

Dimensions: 250" x 94" x 37"

DSE 7310 MKII Controller

Engine Display

Engine RPM: Yes

Low Oil Pressure: Yes

High Coolant Temp: Yes

Low Coolant: Optional

Low Oil Temp: Optional

Over/Under Speed: Yes

Over Crank: Yes

Charging Alt Failure: Yes

CAN ECU Shutdown: Yes

Genset Display

Voltage (L-N & L-L): Yes

Over/Under Voltage: Yes

Frequency: Yes

Over/Under Frequency: Yes

Amp Display/Shutdown: Yes

Phase Imbalance: Disabled

KW, KVA, KVAR, PF Display: Yes

KWH, KVAH, KVARH, Display: Yes

Generator Phase Squence: Optional

Earth Current: Optional

Additional Displays/Protections

Emergency Stop: Yes

Fuel Leak/Sender Failure: Yes

Battery Over/Under Voltage: Yes

Battery Charger Failure: Optional


USB Connectable: Yes

RS232/RS485: Yes

NFPA Annunciator: 10XDSE 2548 Optional

Remote Display Panel: 3XDSE 2510 Optional

DSE 850 Webnet: Optional

Additional Features 

Audible Alarm: Yes

Engine Exerciser: Yes

Maintenance Interval Timer: Optional

Load Shedding/Dummy: Optional

Configurable Inputs: 9-24 W/DSE 2130 Optional

Configurable Outputs: 6-80 W/DSE 2751 Optional

Event Log: Yes

Alternate Configurations: 3

UL/CSA Listed: Yes


Dimensions Open: 144" x 59.2" x 63.22"

Net Weight Open: 6,500 Lbs

Dimensions Enclosed: 180.4" x 59.2 x 87.32"

Net Weight Open: 8,940 Lbs

Freight Class: 70

Optional Accessories

Asco 300 Series Auto Transfer Switch - The ASCO 300 Series ATS is perfect for applications where power interruptions are not an option. The 300 series switch has proven its dependability in critical industries such as telecom, agriculture, municipal and medical. The equipment is listed to UL standard 1008 to comply with safety and NEC installation requirements. The ASCO 300 Series switches are also the most compact designs for automatic power transfer switches in the industry. The following features set these switches apart.

Note: More transfer switches can be found by searching "Transfer Switches"

Sub-Base Fuel Tank - UL142 double wall steel fuel tank with stub up area allows for a clean installation with minimal footprint.

Trailer - DOT certifiable trailer with secondary containment.

Generator Housing - 14 gauge galvaneal steel with internal baffling and 1" foam for sound attenuation and weather protection.

Battery - Interstate BCI 4D 1200 CCA.

Generator Strip Heaters

DSE 7310 MKII Controller Options

  • DSE 850 WEBNET
  • DSE 2510 Remote Display Panel
  • DSE 2548 Remote Annunciator
  • DSE 2751 Expandable Outputs
  • DSE 2130 Expandable Inputs

Additional information

Weight 8940 lbs
Dimensions 181 × 60 × 88 in