Winco PSS30LS – Standby Generator


The WINCO PSS30 is an 1800 RPM emergency standby generator designed to automatically start and quickly provide backup power to homes and businesses. WINCO has been in the generator business since 1927 and specializes in domestically manufacturing high quality generators. WINCO continues this long tradition with the PSS30. Powered by the industrial 3.0L inline 4 GM engine the PSS30 is both reliable and fuel efficient. The industrial Stamford generator end produces exceptionally clean and stable power. With voltage regulation +/-1% and <5% total harmonic distortion, this emergency generator is safe for sensitive electronics.


Price Includes Freight to a Business Address – The customer is responsible for unloading merchandise upon delivery.


Printable Brochures:

PSS30LS Packaged Standby System

ASCO 300 Series Transfer Switch


Voltage *

Automatic Transfer Switch

The transfer switch will come in the same voltage as the generator unless otherwise specified.

Transfer Switch Enclosure

NEMA 1 Enclosure is Standard – NEMA 3R provides additional weather protection for outdoor use.

Vapor Fuel Filter

LP Liquid Withdrawal

NFPA 110 Level 1

Battery Heater

Excitation Boost System

Battery Charger

Generator Strip Heater


Group 24 650 CCA

DSE 7310 Controller Upgrades



Generator Features

Zenith 2.8L Engine - The 4 cylinder, overhead valve Zenith 2.8L engine meets EPA/CARB emission regulations.

Stamford Generator End - The new SO Series has a 3 year warranty on the generator end and includes auxiliary winding standard with short circuit capability.

Premium Square D Circuit Breakers - Top quality breakers from a trusted brand.

Battery Charger - Factory installed 3 stage, 2 Amp battery charger.

Block Heater - In-Line Kim Hotstart, 120V, block heater with thermostat.

DSE 7310 MKII Controller - Digital controller is powerful and dynamict with a user friendly interface.

Galvanealed Steel Weather Enclosure - Weather enclosures provide sound reduction while the powder coat paint provides a durable, long lasting finish.

100% Load Tested - You won't find statistical sampling here.  Winco load tests every generator before it leaves the factory.

Generator Specifications

Single Phase (1.0 Unity): 4 Lead

Three Phase (.8 Power Factor): 12 Lead

Voltage Regulation: +/- 1%

Voltage Control: AS 540

Total Harmonic Distortion: <5%

Temperature Rise: 125/40° C

Type: 4 Pole Rotating Field

Brushless: Yes

Generator Speed: 1800 RPM

Rotor: 2/3 Pitch

Windings: 100% Copper

Stator Winding: Double Layer Concentric

Efficiency Peak: 87%

Coupling: Flexible Disc

Bearings: 1 Maintenance Free

Telephone Interference: <2%

Insulation: Class H

Generator Warranty: 2 year / 2000 hour

Engine Specifications

Brand: Zenith 428

Model: 2.8L

Speed: 1800 RPM

Displacement: 2800 CC

Cylinders: 4

Lubrication: Forced W/Spin-on Filter

Cooling: Liquid

Bore & Stroke: 3.9 x 3.6 IN

Ignition: Electric

Governor: Electronic

Regulation: +/- 1.8 Hz Steady State

Exhaust: Critical Grade

Exhaust Outlet Size@ Muffler: 3 Inches

Recommended Oil: SAE 10W-30

Oil Capacity: 4.0 Quarts

Low Oil Protection: Standard

High Coolant Temp Protection: Standard

dBA @ 7 Meters (Full Load): 75

Motor Starting (Code G): 8 HP

CARB/EPA Approved: Yes

CSA Approved: Yes

UL2200 Listed: Yes

Engine Warranty: 2 Years / 2000 Hours

Fuel Specifications

Fuel Consumption:


  • LP - .97 Gal/Hr - 88,217 BTU/Hr
  • Natural Gas - 88.38 ft³/Hr - 88,379 BTU/Hr


  • LP - 2.73 Gal/Hr - 248,394 BTU/Hr
  • Natural Gas - 235.7 ft³/Hr - 235,695 BTU/Hr


  • LP - 4.74 Gal/Hr - 431,441 BTU/Hr
  • Natural Gas - 407.74 ft³/Hr - 407,741 BTU/Hr

Inlet Pressure:  4-6 Oz/7"-11" Water Column

Fuel Inlet Size: 1"

Battery Specifications

DC System Voltage: 12V

DC Alternator: Engine Mounted

Battery Rack/Cables: Included

Battery Charger: Stage 3 Included

Required Battery: Group 24 650 CCA

Power Specifications

PSS30-3 LP Gas

  • Output - 120/240V 1-PH
  • Watts - 30,000
  • KVA - 30
  • Amps - 125
  • Circuit Breaker - 125 Amps

PSS30-3 Natural Gas:

  • Output - 120/240V 1-PH
  • Watts - 28,000
  • KVA - 28
  • Amps - 116
  • Circuit Breaker - 125 Amps

PSS30-4 LP Gas

  • Output - 120/208V 3-PH
  • Watts - 30,000
  • KVA - 38
  • Amps - 104
  • Circuit Breaker - 100 Amps

PSS30-4 Natural Gas:

  • Output - 120/208V 3-PH
  • Watts - 28,000
  • KVA - 35
  • Amps - 97
  • Circuit Breaker - 100 Amps

PSS30-17 LP Gas

  • Output - 120/240V 3-PH
  • Watts - 30,000
  • KVA - 38
  • Amps - 90
  • Circuit Breaker - 100 Amps

PSS30-17 Natural Gas:

  • Output - 120/240V 3-PH
  • Watts - 28,000
  • KVA - 35
  • Amps - 84
  • Circuit Breaker - 100 Amps

PSS30-18 LP Gas

  • Output - 277/480V 3-PH
  • Watts - 30,000
  • KVA - 38
  • Amps - 45
  • Circuit Breaker - 45 Amps

PSS30-18 Natural Gas:

  • Output - 277/480V 3-PH
  • Watts - 28,000
  • KVA - 35
  • Amps - 42
  • Circuit Breaker - 45 Amps

Dimensions (LxWxH Inches) (Pounds)

Actual Dimensions: 81 x 36 x 43.2

Actual Weight: 1396

Shipping Dimensions: 87 x 40 x 51

Shipping Weight: 1478

DSE 7310 MKII Control Features

Engine Display/Protection

Engine RPM: Yes

Low Oil Pressure: Yes

High Coolant Temperature: Yes

Low Coolant Level: Optional

Over Speed: Yes

Under Speed: Yes

Over Crank: Yes

Can ECU Shutdown: Yes

GenSet Display/Protection

Voltage (L-N): Yes

Voltage (L-L): Yes

Over/Under Voltage: Yes

Frequency: Yes

Over/Under Frequency: Yes

Phase Imbalance: Disabled

KW, KVA, KVARH, Display: Yes

KWH, KVAH, KVARH Display: Yes

Generator Phase Sequence: Yes

Earth Current: Optional

Additional Displays/Protections

Emergency Stop: Yes

Battery Voltage: Yes

Battery Over/Under Voltage: Yes

Battery Charger Failure: Optional


USB Connectable: Yes

RS232/RS485: Yes

NFPA Annunciator: 10xDSE 2548 Optional

Remote Display Panel: 3xDSE 2510 Optional

Ethernet/Modem: Optional

Additional Features

Audible Alarm: Yes

Engine Exerciser: User Enabled

Maintenance Interval Timer: User Enabled

Configurable Inputs: 14-32 W/4 DSE 2130 Optional

Configurable Outputs: 8-80 W/DSE 2757 Optional

Event Log: 250

Alternative Configurations: 5

UL/CSA Listed: Yes

Optional Accessories

Asco 185 Series Auto Transfer Switch - 200 Amp (For 1-PH Models) - Safely restore power to critical circuits.

Asco 300 Series Auto Transfer Switch - 104 Amp (For 3-PH Models) - Safely restore power to critical circuits.

Note: More transfer switches can be found by searching "Transfer Switches"

Vapor Fuel Filter -  If contaminants enter the fuel system of generator you will experience reduced power output and decreased reliability.  This device provides a layer of protection to prevent contamination that can enter your fuel system from a variety of sources.  5 Lbs.

LP Liquid Withdrawal - Factory Installed.  Pulls liquid LP from tank and vaporizes on eng/gen set; allowing you to install smaller fuel lines and smaller fuel tanks.

NFPA 110 Level 1 - Factory installed.  Includes remote annunciator, DSE 10 Amp battery charger, and low coolant alarm.

Battery Heater Upgrade - Keeps battery warm for maximum power output at start-up. 5 Lbs.

Excitation Boost System - Factory installed.  Provides excitation power for heavy loads or short circuits.

Battery Charger Upgrade - Factory installed.  Upgrade from the standard 2 Amp charge to a 5 Amp or 10 Amp with fail contact or 10 Amp NFPA compliant.

Generator Strip Heater - Factory installed.  Reduces condensation.

Battery - Group 24 650 CCA. 20 Lbs.

DSE2548 Remote Annunciator -This is a remote annunciator that has 16 configured LED's and works up to 1 KM (0.6 miles) away from the host controller.  Up to five of these modules can be hooked-up to one host controller.  5 Lbs.

DSE2510 Remote Display Panel -The Remote Display Panel is a display module designed to work with the DSE7310 Auto Start Failure control modules. Up to three display modules can be connected to one host control module, and can be positioned up to a maximum distance of 1km away.

The remote displays offer exactly the same instrumentation, control and monitoring capabilities as the host control module, including starting and stopping of the engine.  All remote displays connected to the same system, will show the same information at any one time, while the host controller is able to display different information.  The modules are simple to operate and feature the same user-friendly menu layout as the host module.  All communications and configuration are done via the host module only.  The remote devices simply mirror the configuration of the host module, making the system quick and easy to install. 10 Lbs.

DSE890 WebNet Gateway - Remote Communications & Overview Displays allow you to control/monitor your generator from your smartphone, tablet or computer. 1 Lb.

DSE2157 Expandable Outputs - Factory installed.  Output relay expansion module designed to give greater output flexibility when trying to meet complex industry generator control specifications.  The module includes eight configurable relay contacts with LED indicators.  These can be configured as 4 normally open and 4 normally closed.  All configurations are controlled within the host control module.

DSE2130 Expandable Inputs - Factory installed.  Input expansion module designed to give greater flexibility when trying to meet complex industry generator control specifications.  The module includes eight digital inputs.  Four of these can be configured for use as analogue inputs.  All configurations are controlled within the host control module.

Additional information

Weight 1478 lbs
Dimensions 88 × 40 × 51 in